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Using a qualified framer

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

I’ve just received my new Fine Art Trade Guild Certified Framer certificate. Although I first qualified in 2017, I have to regularly prove that I am keeping my skills and knowledge up to date. This ensures that customers receive the very best service from framers who are regularly undergoing training and learning new skills as part of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). During the last two years I’ve undergone training in conservation framing, textile framing and mount decoration. Other CPD activity has included attending lectures and presentations by leading industry professionals. Subjects covered have included the correct use of specialist glass, mounting and preserving works of art on paper and specialist mount cutting.

Using a Guild Certified Framer gives you the confidence that you are using a trained professional who has passed a stringent practical and theory examination, and someone who is in the best position to advise on the very best protection for your prized possessions.

Just need to get my new certificate framed now!

Best wishes


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