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Temporary closure

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

I’m sorry to say that Dovetail Framing is temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

There has been a lot of debate in the framing industry about whether framers should currently be working. High Street framing shops and galleries are closed, but a lot of framers, including me, work from home-based workshops, and, of course, working from home is allowed and even encouraged.

Where this gets tricky is when the customer is factored into the equation. Taking a new order for me involves two non-essential journeys, one to collect the item, and another to deliver the finished work. It’s hard to carry out a consultation by phone or e-mail, and what you eventually get may not be what you hoped for. Operating a home visit service like mine means that I have to be even more careful to make sure that I don’t pose any risk to others.

My position remains that no picture frame is worth risking your health for. I will still be here when this all this is over, and face to face contact, which is so important in this business, will once again be possible. I hope you understand.

I’m currently keeping a ‘call back’ list of customers who would like to be contacted as soon as I re-open. If you would like to be included, please let me know.

Best wishes, stay safe and stay home


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